Study Tour – Denmark 2015

Study Trip to Denmark 2015

A very successful two day trip was made to northern Jutland in Denmark with the help from Danespo and the potato officials from Denmark . The visit included various visits to both high grade seed production units and larger scale commercial units all growing seed potatoes mainly for export to the same countries as Scotland .All pb growers receive mini tubers from the one source that produces them in Denmark (less than 200,000 tubers produced per year)with a small amount imported from Scotland when a demand for a variety increases. There are only 10 pb growers in Denmark and due to the restrictions on only being allowed to produce pb on a farm and not basic seed they are all quite small producers.Chitting trays are still used on the pb1 and pb2 material on some of the units we looked at with storage and ventilation systems on these farms very modern and up to date very similar to those in Scotland. Due to even tighter aphicide restrictions in Denmark the pb1 crops we looked at were all under fleece with all crops produced with a pb certificate there is a compulsory virus test for pvy and leaf roll. Overall it was a very successful trip and we thank everyone for helping organising the visit.