Study Tour – Scottish Borders

July 2016

A decision then was to plan for a two day study visit to the Scottish Borders in July and this resulted in excellent visits to Peter Shiells at Mertoun Estate and to Greenvale’s store and pack house facilities. Our thanks to Peter and to Dan Parsons, farm manager at Mertoun, for what turned out to be a most interesting and worthwhile visit. Thanks too to Euan Stark and to Niall Arbuckle for their hosting of the visits to the Greenvale sites. Our timing for these visits proved to be impeccable given that many of our participants travelled south through torrential rain before things cleared up for our St Bothwells visit. A visit to the Born in the Borders craft brewery at Kelso gave us an interesting angle on farm diversification and an overnight stay in Kelso allowed some discussions to continue until the small hours.