2009 Dr Mike Storey

The Association decided to award its 2009 James Hardie Award to Dr Mike Storey, Head of Research and Development at the Potato Council. Mike Storey has been with the Potato Council (previously the Potato Marketing Board) since 1982 when he was involved with research on variety evaluation, crop production and storage and diseases problems. Since 1997, working in collaboration with growers, industry stakeholders and government departments, he has been responsible for the commissioning, management and delivery of the levy funded research and development programme for the Council. The results from research work that is managed on behalf of the industry provide the basis for much of the technical advice on variety selection, seed management, fertiliser use, disease control and storage that is now available to growers from the Potato Council. This programme of research and development, and the transfer of technical knowledge in which Mike Storey has played a leading role, has helped to ensure that the industry in Britain remains competitive and is sustainable for the future. Mike is also a member of the potato industry steering group for the Safe Haven Scheme that provides an surance on the health of seed potatoes and which is now seen as crucial to the success of the seed industry in Scotland.