2011 Sandra Goodfellow

In 2011 the award went to Sandra Goodfellow of SASA who, for very many years, has maintained SASA’s disease free nuclear stock collection of potato varieties and has provided the Scottish seed industry with healthy tissue culture. She and her colleagues at SASA initiate and test around 100 varieties each year and currently hold around 700 varieties as pathogen tested microplant lines. More than 2000 varieties have passed through the unit in Sandra’s time. Sandra has always been very industry focused and her relationship with Scotland’s mini tuber producers is excellent. In addition to supplying and supporting UK seed producers Sandra has sent disease free material to over 30 countries and is known world wide as an ambassador for the UK seed potato industry. Interestingly, Sandra was interviewed for her post at SASA by Dr Hardie so she is very aware of his contribution to the industry.